What makes a good advertisement?  Does it need to have all the fancy bells and whistles?  Does it need to have the budget size of a motion picture?  There never will be a clear definition of what makes a good ad, however there will always be good and bad advertisement.

What makes an ad good or bad?  Content!  Content is the core of what will make your ad successful or simply a waste of money.  Maybe your goal is to promote brand awareness, inform on a product or service, or increase sales.  What do you do when your business wants to accomplish one or all of these things?


What if I told you that it is now cheaper and more effective than ever to create an advertisement that may not only be viewed by your target market but possibly the entire world?

Welcome to the world of social video and online marketing.  By reading our blog you are already starting to learn what it takes to create that ad.  It could be a promoted tweet or Facebook post, or a video uploaded to YouTube.  The key to all, however, is good content.

Content is really what the advertisement is all about… the ‘story’ that buyers relate to. Do you want the world to know that your product is a higher quality than all of your competition?  Your service is better and more effective than ever before?  Or maybe that your company gives back to the community and simply wants everyone to know?

It would be nice if you could just say how great your business is, and everyone would agree and come knocking on your door.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  This is when you need engaging content.  Think of your favorite commercial, tweet, or YouTube video.  What was the content that made it so good?  Was it simple and right to the point?  Or maybe it was so funny that you watched/read it over and over again?


This is where BuzzMachine comes in.  Content creation is not only what we do… we are content creation specialists, with many years of professional writing and communications experience in the public and private sectors.  Our team of writers will help take the great stories that create a distinct image for your product or business, and share them with the world in the most effective way possible.  We take your vision, mix it with our expertise, and create a buzz that will have clients knocking on your door.

We don’t just create your ads, but also ensure they are seen.  We do the analysis to ensure your ads reach a clearly defined and researched target audience via the Internet, TV, radio, or print.  We tailor ads to your particular budget and address the unique needs of your business.  Our many years of Internet and general communications experience ensure your voice is heard online, but also resounds via traditional channels.

BuzzMachine does all this in a whole different way – we understand that what you really need is someone to work with you while allowing you to still have control.  Our philosophy is to “set our clients free”.  The simple fact is we work to put YOU in control of your online content, and the amazing content that we create will always belong to you!  Give us a call for a free professional consultation. Whether you know what your goals and objectives are or are still trying to figure out what they are we are here to help!


Kyle Rasode Marketing Strategist Buzz Machine