You’re Going To Love It Here – Targeted Video

Fraser Valley realtor, Mohamed Mansour, was looking for a unique online promotional piece.  The BuzzMachine creative team put together a fast-paced promotional video that captured Mohamed’s strengths, while being completely different from the ‘standard’ industry promotional video.  The goal was to showcase a lifestyle, and it came across beautifully in this piece.

We Have Lift-off!

Nothing adds more reach to your online presence than video, and some of the most effective & appealing videos contain dramatic aerial footage.  If you’re looking to get a whole new eye-catching perspective of your property, business, resort, concert, or sporting event, aerial videos add drama, presence & that special ‘wow’ factor.  Need an effective tourism ad?  Want a better idea of the layout of a property?  Nothing comes close to the power of aerial quadcopter HD video!

Shop4Hope Charity Fundraiser Video

BuzzMachine Media recently supported Shop4Hope at a charity fundraiser put on by Holt Renfrew Vancouver and the Ladies Who Lunch Network.  The video highlights the cause, and the team of professional women who represent the LWL Network.  This event video is being used as a promotional piece for the Ladies Who Lunch.

Ladies Who Lunch Network – With Maria Kritikos

Maria wanted a compelling descriptive/social video which reflected the style, vision, and message of the Ladies Who Lunch Network.  Our team worked with Maria to carefully select venues, scripting, etc., to ensure the message matched the consistent themes presented on the group website and on social media.

Data-Targeted Ethnic Videos

Modern elections require modern campaigns.  A lot of people ‘talk a good data game’, but often they’re just quoting an over-used term.  Our partnership with Decision Streams allows us to utilize sophisticated targeting analytic tools to ensure your message reaches the right audience – every time.  This video was aimed at a specific demographic in a specific riding.  It had over 14,000 actual views over a period of less than a week.  Looking to expand your business into the fastest-growing demographic groups in Canada?  Give us a call!

Data-Targeted Political Videos

When you’re running an election campaign, or if you’re an elected official, you have a limited PR budget.  Rules on ad-spending are very strict.  How can you reach the largest possible audience for the least possible amount, and do it effectively?  Our data-targeted video campaigns are the best way to ensure your message is heard.  This video was run as both a targeted Facebook ad and TV ad during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election.  It had over 37,000 views on Facebook, with 80% of the viewers completing the video.

TEDx Gastown Women

Public events and seminars are great for attracting audiences, but how do you make that audience much larger?  Nothing like an impactful targeted video to grow your reach!  We partnered with TEDx Gastown Women to create a series of ‘on-the-fly’ videos to capture their event in a crowded, non-theatre/auditorium event, with very basic facility lighting.  The videos still captured the essence of the Talks, and have been shared throughout the TEDx network (through the TEDx website).

Short Films & Music Videos

A member of our creative team, Kenrick Block has created documentaries and short films, and has also done commercial work and music videos. Passionate about film, he has been experimenting with various cameras and editing for many years.  Here is a sample of a music video Kenrick created.

Vehicle Sales Authority of BC Public Awareness Videos

The Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) launched an awareness campaign to inform British Columbians about what the role of the organization is, and what resources are available to the public free of charge.  This is one of a series of seven videos produced to cover all aspects of the VSA.

Justin Trudeau BC Tour Promotional Video

Newly elected as Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau toured British Columbia in the summer of 2013.  This is an excerpt from a promotional video that was produced to cover the trip and all the stops along the way.

Safe Surrey Coalition Election Campaign Videos

The Safe Surrey Coalition was a new political entity that was formed for the 2014 municipal election campaign in response to the growing problems of crime.  These were two videos launched as part of the mainstream and social media efforts of the campaign.  The first is a cartoon video intended to spread virally online, and the second was used to launch the coalition’s fiscal platform.


Animated Video

BuzzMachine creative team member – Anthony Madani – is an animator extraordinaire.  Here is a short sampler of his work.  Ask us how we can get animation working for you!