There is always a lot of marketing ‘buzz’ about content being ‘king’, and social media managers calling themselves ‘content curators’.   Meanwhile, there is a distinct group who are established as ‘content creators’.  So… what’s the difference?  What makes these groups stand apart, and which is the right fit for you?

Content has been a buzzword in online circles for a few years now.  Everyone wants to adopt it.  Most recently Social Media Managers have begun to adopt the term ‘content curator’ to describe what they do.  The term ‘curator’ is quite clearly defined as “the keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection” (Oxford Dictionary).  A content ‘curator’ is one who literally manages content other persons have created.  An example from the online world would be the management of videos for a YouTube feed of a movie house.  No creativity or ‘creation’ is implied by the word ‘curator’.

An online ‘content curator’ is simply a social media manager.  Content curators will share content you or your business have created.  They will manage its online presence, meaning they will share your blog stories, photos, and videos online through various standard channels (email, websites, social media).  A content curator will not create content for you.  They will only manage your content.

A content ‘creator’ will actually create fresh new content for your business.  They will create written, audio, photographic, and video content, as well as contests, polls, infographics, and other media which can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

When you’re searching for a marketing partner or agency, ensure you are engaging an organization which creates original, creative, well-written, well-produced, well-composed content.  Ask for writing samples, see previous work, and see what portion of their managed online content is original vs. ‘curated’ or re-shared.  There are a lot of companies out there who will bill you monthly simply to re-share tired old internet content that is uninteresting, and in some cases even violating intellectual copyright laws.  Some companies will take your business, but charge you a lot extra to hire outside talent to create content.  Find a group who can provide most of these services in-house, and you will generally get a more integrated and refined message, and a better price.

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