Sound Solutions Canada

Optimized Website, eStore & Social Media Integration Sound Solutions Canada is a premier solutions company for large-scale commercial projection and sound solutions, including church, stadium, and other public facility solutions.  Curt and his team have been in...

Mansour Group Real Estate

Data-Targeted Online Video Campaign The Mansour Real Estate Group was looking for an effective online targeting campaign to promote principal, Mohamed Mansour, and his immense knowledge of the local market.  To stand out from the crowd, we created a video that...

Content ‘Curation’ vs. ‘Creation’

There is always a lot of marketing ‘buzz’ about content being ‘king’, and social media managers calling themselves ‘content curators’.   Meanwhile, there is a distinct group who are established as ‘content creators’.  So… what’s the difference?  What makes these...

What Makes A Good Advertisement?

What makes a good advertisement?  Does it need to have all the fancy bells and whistles?  Does it need to have the budget size of a motion picture?  There never will be a clear definition of what makes a good ad, however there will always be good and bad...

The 3 Cs of Social Media Management

There is no easy Social Media formula for getting 1000s of avid followers and hundreds of shares and likes per post.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something other than Social Media Marketing.  The fact is, the only way to organically build a real and...

If You Love Your Clients, Set Them Free

As an online service provider and promoter of small businesses, I have always been committed to doing what it takes to provide more choices and freedom for business owners.  As small business owners we’ve all felt we are at the mercy of the ‘less-than-scrupulous’...

Social Video & Video Marketing – The Key to a Great Campaign

When working with clients, we often come across websites that read like an encyclopedia.  These wordy text-laden pages are proven not to work.  The average user only spends 1 minute browsing a webpage.  That only gives them enough time to scan maybe a quarter of the...

Thank You For Checking Us Out!

BuzzMachine is here! As an online creative content agency with a conscience, BuzzMachine endeavours to not only create a constant, consistent, and creative web presence for your business, but also to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to continue with ongoing...

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BuzzMachine Media4 weeks ago
This NYT study breaks down the psychology behind WHY people share content. If you are looking at boosting your content's reach it is a great asset to get started, evaluate things and make tweaks. Read all about it in this post.
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BuzzMachine Media4 weeks ago
Automated authors: humanising B2B content in an artificial world

"We’ve all heard the rumours: artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to take our jobs and our lives. But what about writers? What impact will machine learning have on the content marketing industry?"
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BuzzMachine Media4 weeks ago
If you're a small business owner, be sure you're getting maximum results from marketing on social media with this checklist.
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BuzzMachine Media4 weeks ago
Blindly jumping in and assuming your video will make an impact is a bad idea — period.
In this article, you will find tips and strategies to help...
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BuzzMachine Media4 weeks ago
Need to add a personal touch to your marketing scheme and establish an emotional connection with your audience/customers? Use emojis!
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BuzzMachine Media1 month ago
Brand awareness is an important part of consumer decisions. But how do you measure it & which metrics matter?

Learn how to measure brand awareness in the post!