Setting Our Clients Free

The founding principle of BuzzMachine is to “set our clients free”.  Our philosophy is rooted in the principle of ensuring our clients are not shackled to their ‘web guys’, and truly OWN their web assets.  As operators of different businesses over the years, we get this.

Don't Waste Words

Content may be “king”, but if your content isn’t well-written your efforts will go unrewarded.

At BuzzMachine we engage professional writers and communications professionals to ensure your message is heard AND understood.

Training Included

All of our packages and programs come with free training.  We also offer separate training packages for a fee if that’s all you require.  One of the best ways to set you “free” is to teach you to fish (figuratively… although we do know some great fishing spots).

Take a Picture - It Lasts Longer

Video & photos are FAR more effective at communicating your message than your Masters’ Thesis (sorry).  Social Media users are 40% more likely to share a video, and almost 60% more likely to ‘like’ a post with a video or photo in it.

We Put YOU In Charge

Don’t be held hostage by your web content providers – We put YOU in charge of your web property and online presence.

REAL Web Experience

BuzzMachine principals have been working online since the Compuserve days.  Let us help you get it right – the first time.

In-House Photo & Video

Our experienced team of in-house photographers and videographers means you don’t pay extra for the same service.

Training & Support

We stand behind our work.  Period.  We’re always available to support you and your business.  It’s that simple.

Our Philosophy


We believe our clients should be in charge of their online property. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident in being able to ‘find your footing’ in the online world through the use of social video, targeted social campaigns and hands-on training.  As successful small business owners we understand what it feels like when someone else controls your online voice.  We’re here to help.

A Team of Content Creators

“A great online presence begins and ends with great content”  – Herman Thind

Herman Thind


Herman is a serial entrepreneur & seasoned digital media strategist who designs customized products and campaigns specific to clients’ needs and objectives.  Born and raised in Saskatchewan, he grew up across Western Canada.

An accomplished management professional with an IT background, Herman has created and led several businesses to success, both on and ‘offline’.   As an owner of multiple businesses he understands the need for small business owners to be ‘set free’.  Herman is a small business advocate with a passion for all things technical.

Katrina Molson

Katrina Molson

Production Associate

With over a decade of experience in broadcast media and advertising, Katrina has a unique & far-reaching understanding of commercial advertising and the film industry.

Katrina has worked on numerous fashion and celebrity magazine editorials, and is one of the most highly sought-after stylists for print advertising, celebrities and commercials in Canada, having worked with the likes of Britt Robertson, Aritzia, Mentos, Mini Cooper, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo & The Real Housewives of Vancouver.


Vik Grewal

Vik Grewal

Senior Development Consultant

Vik is our software development point person.  He focuses on software excellence & execution throughout the life cycle of digital campaigns.

Hailing from the Silicon Valley (the place, not the TV show), with a strong background in all that techie coding voodoo stuff, Vik is instrumental in developing an ongoing digital backbone for each unique business in the portfolio.  He’s also a pretty bad-ass snowboarder.

Kenrick Block

Kenrick Block

Creative Associate

With a degree in Motion Picture Arts from Capilano University, Kenrick is a writer, director, and editor. He has created documentaries and short films, and has also done commercial work and music videos.  Passionate about film, he has been experimenting with various cameras and editing for many years.

Despite his commercial success, Kenrick strives to create original full-length narrative films and documentaries.

Anthony Madani

Anthony Madani

Creative Associate

Anthony Madani has been in the field of film and computer animation for over 10 years.  He started with Leo award winning DHX Media, and since has worked on over 10 high rating television shows and 2 feature films.

Anthony has been personally mentored by the lead Disney animators of Frozen and Big Hero 6, and has been trained in video production by the main videographers for Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Timothy Ferris.

Set Your Business 'Free'!

Have one of our online content professionals sit with you for a free, no obligation consultation.